Diwali at Lovett 🪔

Recently, mom and I had the opportunity to share our book It’s Diwali at The Lovett School in Atlanta, GA.

I love reading our books at schools. But this time was different because I went to Lovett (K-12) and have many fond memories there.

I haven’t been back to campus in over a decade. The school looks like a college campus now with many new buildings and edifices.

What I most enjoyed was meeting with the children.

Mom and I spoke at an all-Lower School assembly, so there were several hundred kids in attendance.

About dozen or so students of Indian origin volunteered to introduce mom and me. They did a wonderful job, and they shared their personal recollections about how they celebrate Diwali at home.

Mom and I shared about the history, traditions, and meaning of Diwali. We read our book It’s Diwali and played the animated video version.

I received many questions from the students about what I enjoyed most about my time at Lovett (band, of course).

It was a full circle moment for me & mom.

I remember sitting in the audience and listening to speakers, and here I was in the same theater addressing students.

Mom, of course, remembers driving me to Lovett all those years…

After the book talk, mom & I saw students learning Indian dance outside (with a live percussionist) and drawing rangolis on the pavement.

We went to the library and signed dozens of books.

I walked by the band room and heard the band which was swinging.

I introduced myself to the band instructor, who is a talented artist.

And it was nice to see a picture of me (playing with the Essentially Ellington band) from back on the day – up on the wall.

A great school visit that evoked fond memories.


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