• James Choi answers 7 questions
    James Choi is the Head of the Lower School at The Lovett School in Atlanta, GA. 1. Why are you an educator? Education is a powerful way to help others … Read more
  • Monthly Bucket: Treat Yourself to Our Holiday Gift 🎁
    Read time: 320 words, 1 minute. The holidays are here. We have a gift for you.​​We’d be happy to read (for free) at your school or local library. ​​We love reading in person or virtually.​Hit reply & let us know!​ Now when you share The Monthly Bucket with friends, you get cool stuff.​Scroll to the bottom to see swag & opportunities. ⬇️ Kabir & Sue Monthly Bucket – December​​📚 3 Books What Do You Celebrate? Holidays & Festivals Around the World​​By Whitney Stewart (Illustrated by Christiane…
  • Surishtha’s reflections on Rosalynn Carter
    Last week, the country lost a remarkable person. A tremendous First Lady, Rosalynn Carter. And I lost a dear friend. My family relationship with the Carters goes back several decades, … Read more
  • Susan Stockdale answers 7 questions
    Susan is an accomplished author and illustrator of books such as Stripes of All Types and Carry Me, among others. 1. Why are you an educator? I’m passionate about sharing … Read more
  • How to make Carrot Halwa 🥕
    We love carrot Halwa. It’s something we like to make in the autumn during the holidays. Here are 3 reasons why it makes for a yummy holiday snack: The Recipe … Read more
  • Diwali at Lovett 🪔
    Recently, mom and I had the opportunity to share our book It’s Diwali at The Lovett School in Atlanta, GA. I love reading our books at schools. But this time … Read more
  • Monthly Bucket: It’s Diwali 🪔
    Read time: 273 words, 1 minute. We’re back, as promised. ​And we’re excited…​Our favorite holiday is almost here: Diwali is November 12. ​That means lights, love, and lots of treats. (We’ve got a yum recipe for you below.)​What’s your favorite holiday? Reply back and let us know. ​-Kabir & Sue Monthly Bucket – November​​​📚 3 Books It’s Diwali​​By Kabir & Surishtha Sehgal (Illustrated by Archana Sreenivasan)Count up to ten and back down again to the tune of “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe” while…
  • 5 Takeaways from the Alabama Early Childhood Education Conference
    Last week I spoke at the Alabama Early Childhood Education Conference, which is organized by the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education (AECA). The AECA has a noble mission: “To … Read more
  • How to make Coconut Burfi
    We love coconut burfi. It’s something we like to make every year for Diwali. Here are 3 reasons why it makes for a yummy holiday snack: The Recipe – How … Read more
  • Highlights from the Georgia Libraries Conference
    I had great fun at the Georgia Libraries Conference in Athens, Georgia. Key takeaways and observations. -Sue
  • Hello from Kabir & Sue Sehgal
    Hello,​It’s Kabir Sehgal and Surishtha Sehgal, “Dr. Sue.”​We’re mother-and-son New York Times bestselling authors (& EMMY® nominees) of 8 picture books about Indian culture.​But enough about that…​You are important to us. ​Here’s why:​We’ve probably met at a book reading, school event, social…
  • Diwali at Trinity 🪔
    I had a wonderful time speaking about Diwali at Trinity Episcopal School in Charlotte, NC. I spoke to children at an all-school assembly. And then spoke to classes where I … Read more
  • Featured on NPR
    A Bucket of Blessings, the play, was featured on NPR: “So how can theater help in the classroom? ‘When we’re talking about very young children,’ Castell explains, ‘they learn through play. … Read more
  • Mayor’s Book Club Selects Bucket!
    A Bucket of Blessings has been selected to be part of Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed’s Summer Reading Club! Learn more here.
  • A Tuk Tuk Yoga lesson
    While riding in a tuk tuk can be a fun experience, these vehicles, with their cramped backseats, aren’t the most comfortable. After you exit the tuk tuk, you will want to … Read more
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