Monthly Bucket: Only 50 words…

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How hard is it to write a book using a vocabulary of only 50 words?

Easier than finding some Green Eggs and Ham in the kitchen.

This beloved Dr. Seuss children’s book was born from a bet.

His publisher challenged him to write a book using only 50 different words.

The result?

A masterpiece of minimalism.

-Kabir & Sue

Monthly Bucket – July

📚 Books

  • The ABC Bunny
    By Wanda Gág
    An unfortunate accident with an Apple drives Bunny from Bunnyland to Elsewhere. Every letter in the alphabet is represented in Bunny’s journey through what he eats to whom he meets.
  • Adventure Awaits
    By Henry Cole
    A cat and a dog set off on their own adventures, each intrigued by something they see. On the way, simple phrases like “fly fast” and “dart, dash” make this a fun read aloud and wonderful vocabulary lesson for young ones. As the animals explore, examine, inspect, and investigate their surroundings, a surprise brings the two together!
  • Animal Families: River
    By Nosy Crow (Illustrated by Jane Ormes)
    Find out the different names for mother and father animals that live in and around the river – and then lift the flap to find the babies and learn what they are called. This striking, satisfying introduction to animal families features screen-printed artwork and bold neon ink to capture the attention and imagination of babies and toddlers.

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This is how you bhangra dance.

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