Monthly Bucket: City of Light 🌆

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It’s almost time for …

Summer siestas

No, it’s a not thing around here … but it should be.

While everyone else is wilting outside, you could be getting some much-needed Z’s.

To help you, Sue just dropped her 2nd sleep story album:

  • City of Light – She will guide you through the sights, sounds, and sensations of Varanasi, a spiritual city in India.

Of course, she wants you to imagine this tour.

We’re not encouraging you to sleep walk…

But hey, that’s one way to get your steps in!

Happy sleep,

-Kabir & Sue

Monthly Bucket – June

📚 Books

  • The Sound of Kindness
    By Amy Ludwig Vanderwater (Illustrated by Teresa Martinez)
    From saying “I’m sorry” to telling someone you’re their friend, words matter. This book explores this simple concept while bringing readers on a sweet stroll through the neighborhood full of interesting sights and situations.
  • Here: I Can Be Mindful
    By Ally Condie (Illustrated by Jaime Kim)
    Everyone experiences a wide range of emotions, and some of them are not easy to handle. We can feel, taste, look, hear, or smell. We can be creative or express our thoughts. We can do kind things for others.
  • Frog: Little Lifecycles
    By Maggie Li
    From a tiny, vulnerable spawn to a tadpole swimming away from hungry fish, Frog evolves before readers’ eyes in a fun, informative board book that explores the life cycle of a frog.

🍦 Extras

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Go on. Get comfy. 😴

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🪣 Full Bucket

Indulge your curiosity for Indian culture with our complete collection of 8 books.

Indian Animals Coloring Book

Embark on a colorful journey through India. With 10 intricate designs to choose from, you’ll have endless hours of… Read more

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