How to make Kheer (Rice Pudding) 🍚

We love Kheer. It’s one of our favorite desserts.

Here are 3 reasons why it makes for a yummy snack:

  1. Rich and Creamy: Kheer, a traditional Indian rice pudding, is known for its rich and creamy texture. During the holiday season, indulging in a dessert that has a velvety consistency can be incredibly satisfying. The combination of milk, rice, sugar, and aromatic spices creates a comforting and decadent treat that is perfect for savoring on a chilly winter evening.

  2. Festive Flavors: Kheer is infused with delightful flavors that are reminiscent of the holiday season. The addition of cardamom, saffron, and aromatic rose water lends a fragrant and exotic taste to the dish. These warm and festive flavors evoke a sense of celebration and make kheer an ideal snack to enjoy during holiday gatherings and festivities.

  3. Versatility: Kheer can be customized to suit individual preferences, making it a versatile holiday snack. It can be prepared with different types of rice, such as basmati or jasmine, allowing for variations in texture and flavor. Additionally, nuts such as almonds, pistachios, and cashews can be added to enhance both taste and presentation. Whether served warm or chilled, kheer can be enjoyed on its own or paired with other holiday treats like cookies or pie, adding a touch of indulgence to any dessert spread.

The Recipe – How to make Kheer (Rice Pudding) 🍚

Time to make: 30 to 40 minutes


  • 1 cup cooked rice
  • 2 cups milk
  • Β½ can (7 oz) Sweetened condensed milk
  • Β½ teaspoon cardamom powder (or grind green cardamom seeds)
  • ΒΌ teaspoon nutmeg (optional)
  • 3-4 strands Saffron (soaked in 3 tbs. hot water)
  • 1 teaspoon Rose water
  • 3-4 tablespoons chopped almonds and pistachios


  • Take a heavy bottom saucepan and add cooked rice.
  • Add 2 cups milk and the condensed milk. Stir for 5 minutes.
  • Add the soaked saffron. Stir then add the cardamom powder and nutmeg. Mix.
  • Let the mixture cool for 10 minutes and add the rose water. Stir.
  • The consistency is good when the rice and milk are combined, no longer remaining separate.
  • If you prefer the consistency to be runny, you can add a little hot milk to your taste.
  • Garnish with chopped almonds and pistachios.

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